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Having a team of massage experts in their respective fields, we offer you various special therapy and massages together with our indoor pool, Turkish bath, sauna, steam bath, snow fountain, shock shower, changing rooms, rest rooms&showers, resting spaces, massage and therapy room services.

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Turkish Bath

Enjoy an experience dating back to Ottoman Empire's luxury and it's magnificence.

Take a look at a tradition which has been preserved for centuries. Traditionally, preffered after business meetings to relieve the pressure and ritualized for cleaning, Turkish bath is a spectacular place.

The Time Spa Traditional Turkish Bath Care 

For 20 minutes, a foam massage; it is suggested after the massage in order to cleanse the oil from body. For 30 minutes, A mini The Time Turkish Bath Rituel; It contains Gloving Ritual and Hair washing applications. For 50 minutes, A Fully The Time Turkish Bath Ritual; It contains Gloving Ritual, Foam Massage and hair washing applications. Turkish Bath is open to visit between 07:00-22:30 every day. Please ask for information for therapy.

Steam Bath

Being the easiest wat to get rid of your toxins, Steam Bath cleanses the toxins in the body by perspiration. It is also an effective treatment method for fixing the respiratory tract. It is an assistive element in the treatment of common cold, sinusitis, bronchitis and allergic diseases. Humid air treats the irritation in the throat, steam relaxes the muscles and reduces coughing.

By perspiration, it sets up a basis for opening of pores ans cleansing the skin from dead cells. It accelerates and regulates the circulatory system. The relaxing and resting effect of Steam bath creates a positive impact on neural system by eliminating problems such as exhaustion and stress.

Time SPA

In the Time Spa massage and therapy rooms, with various options from aroma therapy to classic, you can stop the exhaustion of city life and the speed of time alone or as a couple and you can spoil yourselves.

Indoor Swimming Pool

While designing our indoor swimming pool, we wanted to meet every feeling of yours and created fields boosting your swimming pleasure with a visual feast. Come and enjoy this beautiful concepts.

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